IL-SIG1 Signal Light


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IL-SIG1 Signal Light

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Red, Amber, Go! When Unilite create a new light, there are some things that are certain. It will be strong, reliable and packed full of features. This is most certainly the case with the new IL-SIG1 signal light. This is Unilite’s first signal light, showcasing the diverse range of products that they now have on offer.

A lot of older signalling lights have features similar to the SIG1, but in comparison are fairly disparate in terms of their quality. The first noticeable difference is the sleek design of the unit. It is slim enough to fit into your pocket when not in use, but yet easily grasped comfortably in your hand, thanks to the ergonomic grips. It is from this position of comfort that you can operate the 4 different buttons on the IL-SIG1. Each of these independent buttons turns on a different colour light, whether it is Red, Amber, Green, a solid white 600 Lumen Samsung SMD, or the handy 200 Lumen torch on its head. This of course allows you to signal whatever action that is appropriate to the industry you’re in. Whether this is to force a halt in action, a slowdown in movement, or a continuation of current speed. The white light from the main SMD LEDs and the torch in the head, gives the IL-SIG1 the power to also be used as a main inspection light if needed, or for any other tasks to hand. To allow for additional versatility, the Red, Amber and Green lights have a 2Hz flash mode, giving you the ability to draw even more attention to your signal.

Unlike some signal lights, the IL-SIG1 operates from a rechargeable 3.7v 4400 mAh Li-ion
Battery. Not only does this save on the expense of purchasing batteries, but also provides the user with a light that can be charged adaptably wherever there is a spare USB for the DC-USB charging cable. When this action is being performed, you can clearly see that the unit is being charged as there is an indicator light that changes from a solid red to green. This gives you a clear indication, so you know when the unit is ready to be put back into action again.

If you are looking to use the IL-SIG1 hands-free, it has a few placement options to help you out. Firstly, there is a strong magnetic hanging hook on its reverse which enables it to be both attached to any metallic surface or hung onto any protruding point of stability. This of course means you can put the IL-SIG1 into any elevated position to help ensure it is seen. If alternatively, you wanted to use it hands-free on a flat surface, then the kickstand can be put into action and the unit placed into an appropriate position.

The IL-SIG1 has signalled Unilites first entry into the signalling market, with a torch that will ensure the safety of others and has the versatility to be used as a mobile task light. For more information on where to purchase the IL-SIG1, please visit:


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