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PS-IL5R 500 Lumen Inspection Light

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Immense lighting power in the palm of your hands. The PS-IL5R provides this and delivers on so many other levels. When you grasp an IL5R you wouldn’t think that something so compact would be able to provide the punchy performance that it does. This is the distortion that has been woven from peoples experience of inspection lights of a similar size. It therefore comes as a surprise to people who switch on the IL5R that it is as bright as it is, delivering 500 Lumen output from its Samsung SMD LEDs. This makes it the brightest inspection light available for its size!

Of course, this lighting power is not just a gimmick as it features many ergonomic features to make it the top tool for the trade that it should be. One standout feature is its rechargeable Li-ion battery. This will eliminate the need for batteries and provide a long lasting and quick charging power solution. Gone of the days that you’d have to wait half the day for a battery product to recharge, as the IL5R will replenish its stock in around 4 hours. This can be achieved through any available USB slot such as a mobile phone charger, making it a highly versatile piece of kit.

In addition to the main SMD LEDs, the IL5R has a torch on its head. This gives a 200 Lumen spot beam; perfect for use as either a longer-range beam or a light to illuminate cracks and crevices. Of course, this assumes you’d probably be using the IL5R in your hand, however it also has a clever placement option to enable hands-free use. On the back of the unit it has a magnetic clip, meaning you can attach it to a metallic surface and keep your hands free for work. Drawing attention to the back of the unit, it has a noticeably tougher case than other models of its size, with a toughened aluminium finish. This allows it to have extra solidity against knocks, falls and the understandably rough treatment that an industrial environment will throw at it.

To round things up, the PS-IL5R is an incredibly well-rounded light that is packed with features designed to make your life easier. Picking one of these up and you will not only make your life easier, but also ensure that you’ll never be left in the dark.

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