PS-PL4R Penlight


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PS-PL4R Penlight

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Unilite have been supplying portable lighting solutions for many years now, whether it is Headlights, Flashlights or Wearable LEDs. Non-are quite as light and convenient as their latest offering, the PS-PL4R penlight.

Weighing in at a fly-weight 30g, the penlight is incredibly light, making it a joy to use without strain, but yet still delivering a knockout performance. The PL4R features two White Cree SMD LEDs, delivering an overall performance of 125 Lumen. The nature of the SMDs used makes the Penlight perfect for close up work, providing a surprisingly wide spread of light within a close proximity. To assist with close proximity working, the PL4R has been constructed with the addition of an attractive strong magnet, helping it to attach to any metallic surface that you find yourself next to.

Unlike a lot of penlights on the market, the PS-PL4R is rechargeable. This takes away the additional cost of batteries, which can prove to be a burdensome expense when operating a torch. Instead the penlight can be charged via the provided USB, taking only one and a half hours to charge, for a runtime of two hours. This can be charged at any USB point, meaning a smart phone charger, laptop or any other handy ports can be used to reignite life back into the PL4R. You’ll know when it is charged, as there is an indicator light that will go from Red to Green. When this operation is complete, the charging port can then be covered with the attached cover, keeping it away from any foreign particles and maintaining its integrity.

As with a lot of Unilite torches, the PS-PL4R is built with a strong and robust finish, having been constructed out of a hardened ABS moulding. This helps to keep its integrity and maintain its 1m impact resistance. Along with this, it has a handy pocket clip which enables it to be sheathed in any pocket when not in use, keeping it ready and available for use at any point.

So, when it comes to looking for a new penlight to help light the way, the PS-PL4R should be the first name on the list. With a powerful performance and strong construction, you’ll never be let down by the PL4R.

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