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Rock Climbing with Unilite in China

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Unilite rock climbing team takes testing trip to Western China

Situated in rural Southern China, Yangshuo lies amongst 30,000 karst limestone towers. Yangshuo provides some of SE Asia’s best sport rock climbing.  Offering a wide variety of climbs Yangshuo has far more than to offer than many of our own European venues. Popular with tourists and Chinese who visit for the unique scenery. It offers a vibrant mixture of cultures from east & west. Traditional restaurants, street vendors and karaoke bars line the surrounding area and offer a more cosmopolitan feel.  However a short distance away from the hustle and bustle the climbing venues are peaceful rural settings, overlooking fruit orchards and paddy fields. Rock climbing has been growing in this region ever since Todd Skinner visited in the early 1990’s. Lines have been growing at a vast rate and there are apparently now over 1,000. With all this in mind Unilite felt this was the ideal location to send Jon and the team to test our product ranges.

It has 25 main crags each offering different challenges. Consisting of many routes with different level of grades running the full length of the scale. With so many tough routes Jon & the team decided to test our Unilite Prosafe PS-H5 (180 Lumen) HV-H3 (150 Lumen) & PS-FL3 (200 Lumen). The reasoning behind this was due to the head torches infrared sensor function. Jon says “Being able to operate both units independently without having to press buttons to activate the products is a massive plus for climbing. Not just when on route but also for setting up camp or reading maps.”

As any climber knows climbing is exhilarating, challenging and also very physical. The two head torches enable users to climb and operate their head torch with a single swipe. Both using high power CREE Led’s the HV-H3 & PS-H5 have large beam distances (80-120m) with wide/short angle focus. Both these attributes Jon says made them especially useful when climbing at Lei Pi Shan. Steep & sharp the Unilite head torches both performed great with more than enough ample light even on their lower light settings. Being able to see equipment & the rock face  clearer meant the team felt safe climbing at both night at day climbs. Jon also says ” Having a dim feature across all of the products including the flashlight was another feature we all liked. Most settings were more than enough working light. The advantage I found with using the dim was conserving batteries. Being out in remote areas you rely heavily on portable lights. Here this is were Unilite excelled. Long run times meant that we only had to change the batteries once in 8 days with near to constant use.”

The PS-FL3 was the favourite whilst walking to and from routes. “Head torches are good for hands free operation, but using a flashlight alongside this enables you to shine the light away from the area of direction that your eyes are looking. People may ask why I use both for finding our location, but having a back up light is an essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Getting to and from routes safely means having ample light for not just yourself but others in your expedition team. In my mind the more light the safer you will be.”

After eight days of climbs Jon was happy to report that the products had performed better than he imagined. Next up for Jon is a trip at Christmas to Laos for another adventure. Check back from more from Jon and his team.

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